Other Resources: Media

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Media Shout
Media Shout is a versatile and extremely useful software tool to handle most all of your projection needs (lyrics, backgrounds, pictures, videos, PowerPoint, and so forth).
Swish is an inexpensive and user-friendly software tool for displaying text, graphics, videos, and other things on a projection screen.
Song of Solomon for Students
In The Song of Solomon for Students, Tommy Thompson brings a biblical perspective to the issues of dating, relationships, and sex. Available in DVD format with packages available for groups; includes an 80-page study guide and an 80-page facilitator's guide.
Visual Reality
High-quality five-minute DVD/VHS clips of street interviews that are fantastic topic discussion starters for teens. A new volume of six clips is released about every three months. Subscriptions and package options available.
Highway Video
Highway Videos are culturally-relevant film-shorts in the form of comedies, man-on-the-street documentaries, and interpretive/music videos. Formats include DVD, CD-ROM, and Flash. The DVDs and CD-ROMs are compatible with Media Shout, PowerPoint, and Media Player.
Quarterly CDs and DVDs of the most popular current Christian music. There are lots of options and cost variations. A curriculum is also included.
Sex Still Has a Price Tag
Pam Stenzel is strong and hard-hitting and straightforward in this video. You can use it at a one-time event or break it up into parts for discussion. You will definitely want to watch it before you show it, but this video will help your students see life as it is.
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