Internship Opportunities

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The intern academy is training up a new generation of Christ-centered leaders.  These leaders have a passion for ministry and a desire to gain practical and intentional ministry experience that empowers them to have maximum impact as a follower of Jesus and a minister of the gospel.  This experience is designed for college students or college graduates.

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STW International Internships

Spread the Word international internships are for students who have completed their junior year of high school (short term only) to those who graduated high school up to 28 years of age (short to long term).

Short-term internships will consist of six to nine weeks, mid term internships will consist of four to six months, and long term internships will consist of seven to eighteen months on the field.

Currently for 2012 we have filled our spots. Intrens will be goig to Uganda and Kenya in Africa and Paraguay in South America. You can fill out an application for 2013 at any time. A tentative possible list of opportunities includes service in:

  • Kenya
  • Uganda
  • Germany
  • Paraguay
  • Ecuador.

Students must fill out an STW application by November 1, 2012 and be selected to be a part of the STW internship program for 2013.

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