Help! I'm a Youth Leader

A Resource book for those who minister to teens

This free resource is designed to help youth leaders with a hands-on, experienced-based manual based on more than fifteen years of youth ministry experience compiled into a quick-and-easy-what-would-be-helpful-for-a-youth-leader-to-know resource. It is divided into the following sections:

  • First Things First: You and the importance of your leadership
  • Your Adult Team of Leaders: How do I get them and what do I look for?
  •  Your Student Team: Developing a team of student leaders
  • Your Vision and Purpose: Knowing where you are going
  • Your Students: How do I get them and how do I help them become Christ-centered leaders?
  • Logistics: Raising funds, getting church support, permission forms, budgets, and other helpful things to know
  • Resources: Where do I find them – how do I stay current?

Forms are included as well so you don’t have to recreate them, so that you can spend more time with your students and less time with paperwork. Originally designed with the youth leaders, often volunteer and bi-vocational, in churches under 200, it is also helpful to main youth leaders in churches of all sizes.

Files in PDF and DOC Format:

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Resource Book:

Help! I’m a Youth Leader! (PDF 5.27 MB)


Accusation Busters (DOC 25.5 KB)

Adult Opportunities (Sample Form) (DOC 56 KB)

Adult Volunteer Application (DOC 39 KB)

Adult Volunteer Commitment Sheet (Sample Form) (DOC 31 KB)

Student Leader Information Sheet (Sample Form) (DOC 73 KB)

Student Leader Information Sheet (Easily Adapted Generic Form) (DOC 53 KB)

Parental Consent Form (Easily Adapted Generic Form) (DOC 38.5 KB)

Get To Know You Sheet (DOC 26.5 KB)

Youth Budget (Sample) (DOC 41 KB)

Impact Youth Ministries Newsletter (Sample Newsletter) (DOC 538 KB)