Below is a variety of fundraising ideas. These are ideas others have sent in that have worked for them.

  • Golf Tournament
    We have an annual golf tournament in the spring. There is a committee of five people that contacts the golf course where will we hold the tournament and helps to get hole sponsors, golfers, door prizes, and prizes for winners of the tournament. Most of the money from the tournament will be made from hole sponsors. The first year we did this, we approached local businesses and personal contacts to sponsor holes and donate prizes. Each year since, we have been able to go back to those same sponsors and have also gained new contacts. We usually have forty to sixty golfers who participate in the tournament. Last year, after expenses, we made $3,200.
  • Music Fundraiser
    A very profitable and unique fundraiser, the CDs are instrumental guitar music for background to prayer and study. The CD face is customizable to your Church and youth group, with your info (name, service times, group logo, and so forth) printed directly on the face of each CD. An easy sell for those in your church plus a good way to get your church info to those outside your church. You can sell the CDs for any price, our suggested price is $5 to $10. Your price per CD is only $2.50 which we collect after your fundraiser is completed. This company was started by Church of God youth ministers in WV. For more information, e-mail or
  • Car Wash plus Advertising Book
    Write a letter in your own words to sell ads. Make sure the letter is on your church letterhead and that people know what the ad is for (to distribute to customers at your fundraiser car wash). Sell your ads for a predetermined price. For example, in our small community we ask $15 for business card size, $25 for 1/2 page, and $35 for a full page ad. Once you have sold the ads, put them together in booklet form. Make sure people know you are photocopying their business cards or yellow page ads, and that the book will be given to at least 300 cars that you are washing. If you do not wash 300 cars make sure you pass out all the books in the neighborhood (300 books passed out to 300 customers who will see the purchasers’ ads). We made sure our car wash was on a day that the community was having a homecoming, to bring in lots of business. We made $750 in ad sales and $250 from donations the day of the car wash.
  • Peanut Butter Eggs
    Our youth group makes peanut-butter eggs every year for the month of April; when we first started doing this, we sold about one thousand eggs. They are becoming very popular in our area. These are chocolate-covered peanut butter eggs. People in the church donate many of the ingredients. This is our major fundraiser. If anyone wants more details or the recipe, you can contact Eric Rowe at
  • Painting and Cleaning
    Our youth group was recommended by a realtor in our church (also the mom of two of our youth) to repaint the basement of a house that was going on the market for sale. We had parents and youth working together and finished the task in about eight hours (a 2,000 square foot basement divided into five rooms). You may also wish to check with local realtors about cleaning houses for sale before they are shown.
  • Rock Concerts
    We pick up rocks in farmers’ fields before they plant their crops. The rocks being tossed on the wagons make noise so we call these events “Rock Concerts.” We recommend doing this early in the morning or in the evening to avoid the heat of the day. Some farmers also need people to go through the fields and pull weeds before they take over the crops.
  • Little Caesar’s Pizza Kits
    Excellent repeat sales, easy, and profitable! Five dollars profit per kit! Call 1-888-4-LC-KITS.
  • Candle Sales
    A local candle company makes candles with the longest lasting fragrances we’ve seen. The candles are really popular and repeat sales are also good. The company can be reached at or (513) 932-8935. Good fund raising plan!
  • Drive Cars
    Car dealerships sometimes need help driving their cars to a mall or convention center for a show. The dealership donates to the youth group instead of paying an outside company for this service. Contact a car dealership to see if they need help transporting their vehicles.
  • Pie in the Face Election
    Get volunteers who are well-known in the congregation (e.g. pastors or youth leaders). Put each of their names on a collection jar of some sort. People make donations by putting money into the jar of whoever they want to get a pie in the face. Then hold a social (perhaps a pie auction) and announce the winner (or loser, I should say). Everyone gets to watch this person receive the prize. This is an easy, 100 percent profit fundraiser.
  • Pancake Breakfast
    Our small town hosts a large Fourth of July celebration and a fall festival each year. On the mornings of these events our youth group puts on a large pancake breakfast. This year we served over three hundred plates of pancakes for a profit of $1,300! If you need details please e-mail me at
  • Free Car Wash
    Each student takes pledges per car to be washed. On a certain advertised day the youth group hosts a car wash that is absolutely free. Someone must keep track of the number of cars washed; at the end you tabulate how much money each student has earned. This fundraiser has the potential of raising thousands of dollars in profit if the students will get the pledges!
  • Christmas Trees
    Our youth group operates a Christmas tree lot each year. It’s a lot of work and planning because you have to order the trees in August and then have people working the lot at all times. It’s well worth it, though. We usually profit around four or five thousand dollars. As an option, you can get tree pricing from a wholesaler, mark the prices up, and “re-sale” them. This eliminates the risk of having leftover trees, but customers must be willing to take what you bring them!
  • Silent Auction
    The silent auction is a great way to get the people in your congregation involved in supporting your missions trip. About three to four months before you want to hold the auction you will need to contact local businesses and local pro sports organizations for donations of items that can be auctioned off: tickets, products, gift certificates, and so forth. Once you have your items, set up tables somewhere in your church where there is a good flow of traffic and display your items on the tables with a bid sheet for each (for tickets or gift certificates, make a copy of them and put that out with the bid sheet instead of the actual item). Put a minimum bid on the sheet for each item. People can come by and view the items and put their names and bids on the sheets. Then if others want to bid the items up they can come along and put their names and bids on the sheets. Stand back and watch your competitive people try to outbid each other over the next couple of weeks while you have the silent auction running. When you are ready to close the auction, whoever has the final bid on a sheet gets that item. This is also a great way to auction out your youth to do spring cleaning, wrapping Christmas presents, and so forth. We usually make about $1,200.
  • Stock Options
    For this fundraiser, people can buy a twenty-five dollar stock in a student who is going on a missions trip. For one or two Sundays place a stock option ballot in your Sunday morning bulletin for people in the congregation to fill out and turn in with their money. Once you have a person’s form you match him or her up to a student who is going on the missions trip, so that person can be praying for the student. During the trip have your students write to their sponsors to give an update on what is happening on the trip. Then when you get home have a get together with the students and those who purchased stock so the students can give an account of what happened on the trip and how God worked.
  • Chocolate Suckers
    Get plastic molds, sucker sticks, and white chocolate; melt the chocolate and make your own suckers and other fun treats to sell. Our youth group does this and sells the suckers for fifty cents each. It is so much fun!
  • Basketball Tournament
    We recently held a three-on-three basketball tournament in our gym. If you have access to a gym or an outdoor court and a lot of help you can pull this fundraiser off. It was a sixteen team tournament (you can have as many as you want) set on four courts. Each game had a scheduled time and court. Set-up was done the night before and we were ready to begin at 9 a.m. The thirty-third game was finished by 6:30 p.m. Each game was played with two ten-minute halves, two one-minute time outs, and a three-minute half time break. In the event of overtime, the first one was five minutes and the second one was three minutes. We charged seven dollars per player and they could have up to four players on a team, open to anyone in the community sixteen years or older. We had a meeting with all the teams ten days before the tournament to explain everything. We had an event coordinator (for setting the rules and regulations), a registration coordinator, a promotion coordinator, and a concession stand. Promotion was done with a flyer in our bulletin and newsletter, local sports stores, the high school, the local newspaper, and through a lot of verbal communication. It turned out great and was a lot of fun!
  • Spring and Fall Banquet
    We used to sell a lot of things throughout the year, but would barely cover the price of buying the things we sold. Then we decided to do a spring banquet. We do it each year right after morning worship on Sunday so we can get a good turn out. We serve a delicious but inexpensive meal. Our kids and youth put on a show with singing and skits. Along the side of the room we have a silent auction. We sell tickets to the show and people place bids on merchandise in the silent auction. We get the stuff for the silent auction from businesses or people in our congregation. Everyone has a great time and we earn enough money to send all our kids and youth to summer camps. The first spring banquet went so well that we have now added one in the fall. Because of these banquets we don’t wear out our congregation by constantly selling things.
  • Ice Cream Social
    Plan this event for June or July. Ask several people in your church to fix a certain flavor of ice cream. Then, after you have enough people making ice cream, post a notice to the church stating the date and time of your event. The most important part of this fundraiser is that you do not charge a certain price; people make free-will donations for the ice cream. Our church usually makes $300 or so from this event. And if you throw in some good apple pie, it will encourage the people to pay more!

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