BRIDGES Youth Series

Each edition in the BRIDGES Youth Series includes thirteen sessions on topics relevant to youth today. BRIDGES offers you the best in a youth teaching resource:

  • Bible studies that go deep, written by people active in youth ministry
  • The ability to cover all major teaching passage of the Bible in six years
  • Creative and interactive activities
  • Practical applications for bringing the truth of the Word into real life
  • Age- and resource-flexible options to customize your teaching experience
  • Non-dated student reproducibles
  • Only one copy of the book is needed to teach.

With BRIDGES, students will learn the Word of God, apply it to their lives in practical ways, and build the relationships and the disciplines necessary to grow strong in their faith. New editions are frequently added to the series.

All books are $14.99 each.

Know Your Patriarchs & Matriarchs
Thirteen studies exploring the lives and faith journeys of select Old Testament figures.
Product #9781593173043


Portrait of God
Thirteen studies exploring images of Jesus Christ found in the Gospel of John and the New Testament.
Product #9781593173050


A Community of Eternal Love
Thirteen studies exploring John’s vision for the people of Christ—the church.
Product #9781593173067


The Call to Righteousness
Thirteen studies exploring the call of the Old Testament prophets to righteousness.
Product #9781593173098


How It All Started
Thirteen studies tracing the story of God’s power from the creation of the universe to the creation of a covenant people.
Product #9781593173111


The Doctor Is In
Thirteen studies from the Gospel of Luke, exploring ways that God calls us to live out the purpose for which we were created.
Product #9781593173081


Built to Last
Thirteen studies tracing the eternal work of God and his faithfulness to his people, through good times and bad.
Product #9781593173104


The Work of Christ
Fourteen studies exploring the powerful images of Christ presented in Hebrews and the Gospels, and instructions from James
about letting Christ live in us.
Product #9781593173128


Fulfillment of the Ages
Thirteen studies focusing on the birth of the church, its historical growth and development, and the ways it continues to grow
and overcome.
Product #9781593173135


Responding to God
Twelve studies about various New and Old Testament characters who were faithful to respond to the call of God on their lives.
Product #9781593173142


Christ the Re-creator
Fourteen studies from Ezekiel, Luke, and Ephesians, exploring the new and abundant life that was prophesied about and fulfilled in Christ.
Product #9781593173678


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This item provides a wealth of extra resources to supplement the BRIDGES Youth Series:

maps - songs - handouts - pictures - music reviews - video interviews - interactive games - cartoons - internet links - teaching tips - promotional posters - much more!

The CD-ROM also contains a PDF version of the printed material.

Each CD is just $24.95. 

Know Your Patriarchs & Matriarchs    Product #K30056CD

Portrait of God                                      Product #K40056CD

A Community of Eternal Love                 Product #K10057CD

The Call to Righteousness                      Product #K20057CD

How It All Started                                  Product #K30057CD

The Doctor Is In                                     Product #K40057CD

Built to Last                                            Product #K10058CD

The Work of Christ                                Product #K20058CD

Fulfillment of the Ages                           Product #K30058CD

Responding to God                               Product #K40058CD

Christ the Re-creator                              Product #K10059CD


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